it doesn't mean anything at all
the fence around your garden won't keep the sky from falling
Posted on 15th Sep at 6:35 PM
I’ve not been myself lately

Like a door off it’s hinges

My right foot tried to kill me by running through the red light where Wabash meets MacArthur last week but my left one wasn’t having it

The guy behind me honked

I’ve pulled away some of the skin around my fingernails

It’s like I can breathe again

Sometimes if I cry my nostrils will tingle and I wonder if the tears will ever come from my nose

"You’ve just gotta couple screws loose is all"

They’re just rusted

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I like when I mention liking something and some lame goes, “But you weren’t even alive when that came out!!?!?1?!”

So… what does… that have to do… with me liking it…

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It’s a really weird feeling being a pretty well mannered, respectful individual, but lacking respect for most people since most people are awful and don’t deserve mine, let alone anyone’s, good graces. 

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Last night I had a dream that a giant beast had manifested as a force that consumed entire buildings and became them. It eventually took over the city and became the government. Luckily, along with the help of my buds Nick and Kylie, we managed to defeat the beast in its main building and open a record store in it with Kylie as the manage. I woke up right before we got our first batch of records and they were tight. 

whoa dang 

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my anxiety has been so bad that I consistently keep freaking out and bursting into tears over the smallest things and I feel like I have no one that cares enough to turn to other than my partner and like none of the friends I had really genuinely care about me and the person I buy weed from I guess just doesn’t want to sell to me anymore probably cause he doesn’t like me either and smoking is the only thing that helps me have an appetite, sleep, and not have panic attacks so I think I’m shutting down physically and emotionally because I don’t know what the heck to do 

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so my dad brought up Ferguson/Michael Brown’s death and in my head I was like “fuck fuck no please don’t you’re going to say something racist fuck please no” (my father is a very typical, conservative ignorant white male who I have had a negative relationship with all my life due to his views mind you) but instead of saying what I expected him to say he was just like, “yeah that’s fucked up that cop killed that poor boy I can’t believe it” and I seriously almost shit myself 

A+ today for you dad 

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I want to do vocals for a band again… sigh…

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